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A fresh insanely positive perspective on the challenges of a cancer diagnosis. Truly a hand in the dark for those who face a life-threatening illness. Marcy Brenner was diagnosed with breast cancer the same year she lost her mother to ovarian cancer. She was 34. This is her story from the brink of despair to being truly alive. This film is for breast cancer survivors and their partners, for spiritual seekers and for anyone whose life has been touched by a life-threatening illness. If I was offered a deal to go back in time and live my life without cancer, and all I would have to give up was the insights, experience and purpose that have come to me as a result, I would not make that bargain. I was given a wake-up call to life. (Marcy Brenner, Relay for Life Keynote) Ms. Brenner is a baker's daughter and a professional musician and songwriter. Her memoir entitled Dead Girl Walking is a companion to this film. She has ski-camped in the Sierras, dug dinosaurs in Wyoming and created a marketing company in the Hi-tech Silicon Valley of California. She survived a marriage into a famous American family and is currently in remission from advanced breast cancer. She resides on Ocracoke Island off the coast of North Carolina's outer banks with her husband and daughter. Live while you are alive!


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